Fortune DAO, the next phenomenal decentralized organization after Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

Since the 21st century, information technology and social production have further converged and integrated, and the rapid development of the Internet has deepened the transformation of various industries to the digital direction. High and new technologies represented by 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, VR, AR, MR, Blockchain, big data and cloud computing promote the birth of massive data, and then promote the transformation of social economy to digital form.

Fortune DAO, the next phenomenal decentralized organization after Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

At this time, the emergence of DAO presents a prosperous on-chain financial ecosystem for the crypto market, allowing the value of the crypto world to emerge. At present, there are many DAO organizations in the encryption world, which often perform their own duties and are independent of each other. They can only simply integrate and interact with each other, without deep fusion.

Fortune DAO is obsessed with innovation and disruption in the digital economy, hoping that it will show more possibilities. We mainly create a SocialFi DAO community based on Web3.0 to realize the decentralization of community governance through the value of the NFT asset platform and  the interaction of metaverse scenarios. It also ensures the mobility, activity, and value attributes of the NFT.

Fortune DAO (FTD), is issued in Binance Smart Chain. In DAO organization, players can obtain rewards through financial lending and other functions.Fortune DAO has added the innovative concept of NFT + MetaVerse. The platform takes energy refining as the theme to help players achieve the purpose of playing to earn, while players can interact in real time to highlight the characteristics of SocialFi.

And players can draw the NFT blind box, and sell it. For NFT + DeFi + MetaVerse+ GameFi, the team will develop NFT lending, NFT casting decomposition and other functions in the future. At the same time, you can join MetaVerse game to improve the liquidation of NFT in our ecosystem and participate in it deeply, thus creating a comprehensive Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Fortune DAO is a SocialFi DAO community based on Web3.0. Through the interaction between the value of the NFT asset platform and the MetaVerse scene,the decentralization of community governance is realized.

In the play-to-earn mode, players can draw NFT Blind Box and cash out, and also communicate in real-time during the game, highlighting the characteristics of SocialFi.

In the virtual world, it will realize independent energy refining, recasting the world pattern and manifesting the glory and wealth. Fortune DAO will be an autonomous platform for collecting, displaying and getting rich.


Fortune DAO Distribution

The total circulation of FTD is 100 billion pieces. FTD is the ecosystem original token, and the specific distribution methods are as follows:


♦ Transaction Destruction—70%

In Fortune DAO, in order to ensure the future sustainable development of the platform and the incentive of early participation users, the platform uses 70% of the tokens for transaction destruction. The specific destruction rules are: the total daily transaction volume, of which 20% is destroyed, and the destruction of the total number of tokens is stopped.


♦ Token Market Value—5%

The platform will draw 5% of the FTD tokens as a subsequent exchange reserve for market-making trading.


♦ Technical Team—10%

The FTD founding team will select 10% as a technical member development incentive before the project launch (lock)


♦ Community Contributors—4%

In the early stage, the platform, according to the project development progress and launch time planning, 4% of the total token will be selected for the community contributors who are holders of “Planet, Stellar, Galaxy, Universe, Divine” contribution medal NFT.


♦ Exchanges and Institutions—5%

The platform will reserve 5% of the total tokens for the early reserve of the exchange and investment institutions. The funds will be locked and flexibly allocated according to the demand.


♦ Whitelist—5%

In the early stage, the Fortune DAO project provides the whitelist quota, and users can qualify for the whitelist based on the series of followers, retweets, comments and tweets.


♦ Airdrop well-known KOLs—1%

In the process of development, the platform wil air drops to well- known KOLs who meet the conditions of the platform development, so as to stimulate the continuous internal and external circulation of users in the ecosystem.


There are two ecology in Fortune DAO:

Ecology (I)  NFT mine FTD (Upgrade Synthesis)

One-Star Iron NFT, 200FTD computing power, spend 100USDT to buy. Sharing team holds 100 one-star element NFTs and receives a “Planet” contribution medal NFT.

Two-Star Copper NFT, 600 FTD computing power. 2 ways to upgrade: upgraded by feeding one-star NFT; directly upgrade by synthesizing two one-star NFTs. Sharing team holds 50 two-star element NFTs and receives a “Planet” contribution medal NFT.

Three-Star Silver NFT, 1,200 FTD computing power. 2 ways to upgrade: upgraded by feeding two-star NFT; directly upgrade by synthesizing two two-star NFTs. Sharing team holds 40 three-star element NFTs and receives a “Galaxy” contribution medal NFT.

Four-Star Gold NFT, 3,000 FTD computing power. 2 ways to upgrade: upgraded by feeding three-star NFT; directly upgrade by synthesizing two three- star NFTs. Sharing team holds 20 four-star element NFTs and receives a “Universe” contribution medal NFT.

Five-Star Diamond NFT, 10,000 FTD computing power. 2 ways to upgrade: upgraded by feeding four-star NFT; directly upgrade by synthesizing two four-star NFTs. Sharing team holds 10 five-star element NFTs and receives a ” Divine” contribution medal NFT.

Rules & Earnings

Recommended to participate in mining: 30% reward for direct referral;

NFT Mining Time Limit: 7 days;

NFT Upgrade Feeding: 5 times/day,FTD (10USDT)/time;

NFT Mining Output: 63 million FTD/day in the whole network;

NFT Feeding Upgrade of the required FTD: 50% destruction; 50% reward for direct referral;

Contribution Medal NFT holders: Enjoy star-level NFT weighted dividend & 4% FTD token dividends; Enjoy the rare quota of FTD token whitelist;

LP Staking Mining: The mining time limit is indefinite, stake anytime;


Ecology (II)  Ticket to draw blind boxes (get USDT bonus)

Reward released in 5 days, 20% per day

One-Star Iron NFT, get 100USDT reward (50% winning rate)

Two-Star Copper NFT, get 200USDT reward (15% winning rate)

Three-Star Silver NFT, get 400USDT reward (10% winning rate)

Four-Star Gold NFT, get 1,000USDT reward (4% winning rate)

Five-Star Diamond NFT, get 5,000USDT reward (1% winning rate)

Energy Card NFT(Collectors’ Edition), recharge energy in the game(20% winning rate)

With the advancement of Fortune DAO and the expansion of its ecosystem, it will explore more ways to play, bring us more different experiences, and the value of FDT will gradually increase.

Join us now! Let’s explore the mysteries of NFT + DeFi + MetaVerse + GameFi ecosystem together, play to earn with Fortune DAO!