• Bitcoin Uptrend Slows, Stays at $58K, Battles Resistance Near All-Time-High Bitcoin Uptrend Slows, Stays at $58K, Battles Resistance Near All-Time-High
  • Money Reimagined: Bitcoin’s Green Imperative Money Reimagined: Bitcoin’s Green Imperative
  • NEWXX will jointly release NFT with a well-known design DAO.Contribute to the ecologically sound development

    According to the official news, NEWXX Foundation will jointly issue NFT with famous design DAO in limited quantity, and users who get NXX-NFT can collect, auction or pledge NFT to get more NXX revenue. NEWXX Foundation and its partners around the world have been adhering to the core values of value investment and long-term and robust development strategy. In the period of crypto asset downturn and turbulence, the platform operates a robust and unique non-loss mining mechanism through its core technology to empower more users to maintain their mainstream crypto…

  • Major supporter of the world-class fighting championship, CoinW, witnessed the new champion of Kunlun Fight!

    The Madinat Arena in Dubai was packed to the rafters at the night of June 25, 2022, as thousands of Kunlun Fight fans gathered to witness the most intense night of combat in the history of the Kunlun Fight.   Sponsored by CoinW, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, the Kunlun Fight & Chan FC World Fighting Championships, brought international fighters from France, Italy, Belarus, Turkey, Iran and many other countries to present a blood-curdling feast for the senses, to fight fans. The Fighting Championship CoinW witnessed the new champion of…

  • Next Big Wave – Ventures DAO

    Next “Big Wave” – Ventures DAO   Traditional venture capital market is monopolized by big institutions. Retail investors rarely have access to all the important information. Ventures DAO provides retail investors an equal opportunity to participate in potential projects. The nature of a Ventures DAO bootstraps a loyal community as DAO members are incentivized to support portfolio projects. Top-down decision making approach is used by traditional venture capital, where decision-making process occurs at the highest level and is then communicated to the rest of the team. DAO on the other hand…

  • WEB3.0’s first war why FSV is the main field

    According to the data survey, it was found that in the current hot wind of the meta-universe, “whether it is a big factory or a startup team, more and more people are entering Web3.0 throughout 2022.” In the promotion of capital and various institutions, the star project FSV in 2022 also began to build FSVSWAP based on FSV smart chain, is expected to complete all main network testing and successful launch in Q4 2022, this FSV build FSVSWAP engine page based on FSV smart chain also marks the era of…

  • CoinW’s co-branded world-class fighting champion limited NFTs, are now available on OpenSea. 

    The Kunlun fight & Chan FC World Fighting Championship Dubai ended perfectly on June 25, 2022. The championship was sponsored by CoinW, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, and brought together internationally famous fighters to provide fight fans with a blood-curdling feast for the senses. After the competition, CoinW and Kunlun fight’s co-branded limited NFTs were officially launched on Opensea, setting off a rush of purchases by users.   Collection of world-class fighting moments: According to the official introduction by CoinW, the content of the NFT on sale is a collection of…

  • The Wonderful Tide Co Ltd. will unit two artists graduating from the Royal College of Art to release a series of NFT on the OpenSea

    On June 18, 2022, The Wonderful Tide Co., Ltd. will cooperate with two artists from the RRoyal College of Art to release their art works on the world’s largest NFT trading platform Opensea. The two artists are Xie Donghao and Gao Yu, and their works are “Circus Revolution” series and “Death and Immortality” series. This cooperation is a further discussion of the digital art world.   Established in 1837, the Royal College of Art is the oldest art design University in the world. It has always adhered to the new…

  • Guild Master Recruitment Event for MosaicFantasy (3A card game on chain)

    MosaicFantasy is a decentralized 3A card game with technical underpinning support for cross-chain and compatibility with zk-snarks. It is dedicated to combining the rich playability of traditional games with the economic model of on-chain P2E to bring a better experience to players. Currently, MosaicFantasy APP is also currently trying to establish its access to Google Play and App store, hoping to drive more users into the web3 world. In the future, MosaicFantasy APP will become the entrance-level product for users to enter the web3 game universe, and the APP ecological board will…

  • Children in Nigeria who need basic necessities have been given supplies by CoinW Public Welfare Action

    CoinW shows that it has empathy for the problems of the poor in Africa and donates aid and relief materials, to raise awareness of the brand’s purpose. On June 13, the African team of CoinW (www.coinw.com), the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, and some volunteers from the crypto community pays a visit to Living Fountain Orphanage in Lagos, Nigeria, with a batch of charity supplies for the children to show their love and care. Covid-19 exacerbates poverty in Africa. Due to the economic impacts brought by the Covid-19 epidemic, poverty…

  • Fortune DAO, the next phenomenal decentralized organization after Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

    Since the 21st century, information technology and social production have further converged and integrated, and the rapid development of the Internet has deepened the transformation of various industries to the digital direction. High and new technologies represented by 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, VR, AR, MR, Blockchain, big data and cloud computing promote the birth of massive data, and then promote the transformation of social economy to digital form. At this time, the emergence of DAO presents a prosperous on-chain financial ecosystem for the crypto market, allowing the value of the crypto world to emerge….

  • After August 30, 2022, the reward rules for users participating in TSwap node PK will be changed

    According to the latest news from the TSwap official website: The LAX+USDT liquidity pool will be tested globally from June 1 to June 6, 2022. If the liquidity pool is tested to be functional, it will be officially launched. The users can obtain the token of ecological value TJC by adding liquidity. In fact, most of the community users are expecting the LAX+USDT liquidity pool, and they want to participate in the liquidity pool plan, which will accelerate the development of TSwap ecology. With the rapid ecological development, the consensus…

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