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Today • 10/23/2021 • rdam31000000Sat, 23 Oct 2021 07:15:06 -080023am21

Madison Holdings plans strategic investment in multi-chain wallet platform AoLink

Madison Holdings plans to make a strategic investment in AoLink, a multi-chain wallet platform. The cross-chain wallet launched by AoLink has now helped tens of thousands of users to store digital assets scientifically, supporting the interaction and access support of blockchains such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama, Cosmos, Eos, Tron, etc. It is currently exploring the development path of support facilities for high-quality applications. Helping Web3.0 applications grow rapidly

Yesterday • 10/22/2021 • OctoberSat, 23 Oct 2021 07:15:06 -08001523am21

SHIB will be available on Robinhood as early as October 25

Vlad Tenev (Robinhood CEO) revealed in a just concluded interview that SHIB will be coming to Robinhood as early as October 25 and that everything is being prepared and that with the launch of the Bitcoin ETF, Robinhood will also launch more crypto assets so that more people can get involved in investing in crypto assets.

10/18/2021 • Oct20211023am21

GNT’s value marker in the Glacier Network project

It is understood that the Glacier Network is a fusion of GameFi, NFT, DeFi finance, trading and other fields of the meta-cosmic ecological platform. The developer community has also been through a long period of technical friction, and now finally heard the news of the upcoming release of the platform token GNT. The token is launched as a lock pool, fully decentralized for user participation, and is also the concept of community autonomy for the Glacier Network project. The handling fee generated by user participation will be used to hold…

10/12/2021 • GMT-0800000000-08:000623am21

Libra main network global launch, open the layout of the whole network registration

According to the Libra team: Libra will be October 14 – October 28 a total of 15 days, Libra main network global online, each node community began to layout, during this period, the global system open registration; 28 after the day after the global opening of arithmetic mining, it is reported that the current South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Dubai and other multi-city nodes began to start. At the same time, Libra for the global super node recruitment has also been towards the deadline, welcome the global Libra consensus users…

09/26/2021 • rd0000001023am21

Defi space startup Libra secures tens of millions of dollars, valued at $200 million post-investment

According to official sources: Libra, the star Defi team in Silicon Valley, has received a major investment Libra , convinced that Defi makes trust easy. Libra has received its latest round of investment, led by Tiger Fund and followed by tens of millions of dollars from investors such as SoftBank Asia Digital Asset Investment Fund and UBS. This is the second funding round for the startup team after receiving angel investments from individual angel investors Facebook boss Zuckerberg, Google co-founder Larry Page and legendary Chinese investor Duan Yongping. After this…

09/25/2021 • rdam31000000Sat, 23 Oct 2021 07:15:06 -080023am21

Medici DeFi 3.0 eco-pass MDC launch announcement

The latest news from the Medici Chinese Community: As the value protocol of Blockchain Finance DeFi 3.0, Medici is building an ecosystem that includes digital assets, digital identity and digital social. The Medici community is now strongly present in mainland China, and Chinese community partner nodes are being recruited! With the launch of Medici Dapp 1.0, the system will launch node pledging and liquidity mining, and prioritise the launch of the DeFi 3.0 Community Governance Pass MDC Pledge Mining (MDC) campaign, officially opening the way to a $10 billion DAO…

09/16/2021 • GMT-080007000000Sat, 23 Oct 2021 07:15:06 -08000623am21

DYDXE will jointly launch dydX’s Community Treasury Development Program

DYDX was established with the intention of seeing various attempts and options, including eco-compensation, which can contribute to the growth of the DYDX Layer2 protocol ecosystem, is now launching the BSC Eco-Development Plan for communities, which will jointly launch the Community Funding Pool Incentive Project DYDX Ecology (DYDXE). In the future, users will have direct access to voting rights for DYDX projects by holding DYDXE, participate in the governance of major decisions and development directions, and will receive a dividend bonus from the Community Treasury DYDX.

09/15/2021 • 42-08:002310-08:000623am21

Dream Kingdom NFT game has opened private placements to create a meta-universe gaming craze

The latest news from Dream Kingdom official community and Twitter: the first round of Dream Kingdom tokens DK (September 15, 4:28 pm) has successfully ended, all sold out within one hour. The second round of DK tokens will be up for grabs today (September 16) at 4:28pm! Dream Kingdom is an on-chain NFT game based on the Firecoin Smart Chain (HECO) platform with the theme of the Journey to the West; it perfectly combines the meta-universe NFT and the Dream Journey technology. We hope to achieve the balance of Dream…


GALA Community Project GALAAD will issue airdrops to reward users

GALA DAO (GALAD) is a platform for community autonomy management built in the GALA ecosystem to help create opportunities for the development of the Gala gaming ecosystem. GalLAD is now working with binance to launch GALAD tokens for dividend-sharing GALA and convertible GALA tokens for use in the GALA gaming ecosystem. It will be used to:Governance: GALAD token holders will be able to delegate their tokens and participate in governance votes.Dividends: THE GALAD in which the player holds shares wins the daily GALA reward, and the redemption function will be…

09/12/2021 • rd0000001023am21

YGG’s latest sub-DAO project, YGGD, is coming online soon

The latest news, YGG sub-DAO class project YGGD will soon be launched, the project will be jointly launched by the BSC chain, will participate in future project management, token distribution and other related rights and interests of the vote. According to the YGG white paper, 45% of YGG tokens will be used for community distribution, and in the NFT and DeFi areas will be explored in depth, this joint BSC chain for ecological application exploration, also means that users will enjoy more application dividends