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07/16/2021 • JulySat, 24 Jul 2021 07:12:53 -08001224am21

Muses (Goddess) project, developed by Vinson and ALS overseas team, will debut on Pancake Swap exchange at 00:00 on July 17 with a strong login

Muses is a fully trusted Defi protocol between the digital and traditional economies, providing a new trusted public chain infrastructure for building complex distributed business applications.Seamlessly integrates Defi, Meme, Fomo and traditional industry models.Developed by multiple communities around the world with autonomous members, including businessmen, celebrities, IT professionals, etc.Muses pre-sale prices (end).-July 5, GMT-Price rate: 2.6041bnb/10000000MUS-Peak: 0.01BNB—-5BNBNew mechanism.[Purchase Limit] [Floating Rate] [Passive Bonus【L P collection】【Prevent tax evasion】【F O M O【Intelligent destruction】【Prevent smashing】【Security mechanism Official website: Telegraph: contract address: 0x9298086d982388381b38b1e2f67900fa7bf18f12

07/14/2021 • 29-08:00247-08:005324am21

GBCE to create a new agricultural application system development

Recently, according to overseas media reports, GBCE has exceeded 50 times of market value since its inception, and its team said that GBCE will be officially launched in the mine in the near future, and the market value is expected to exceed 100 times. Giant business chain, abbreviated as GBCE, is driven by Internet+blockchain+agriculture, promoting the development of smart agriculture, fine agriculture, efficient agriculture, green agriculture, and improving the quality efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture. As an agricultural industry-based blockchain logic, GBCE is no longer simply a virtual relationship, it…

07/09/2021 • JulySat, 24 Jul 2021 07:12:53 -08001224am21

soulswap embarks on a new journey of decentralized exchanges, creating a new decentralized public chain

Soulswap, a decentralized trading platform initiated by the Soul Blockchain Lab in the United States and developed by the world’s top Silicon Valley technical team, officially opened Soulswap’s new public chain today after the Soulswap cross-chain protocol was launched. Soulswap’s new public chain has gone through three years of precipitation and research and development. Only then achieved technological innovation and breakthroughs. The new consensus algorithm of B-dpos+pow. Soulswap solves the problems of latency and data throughput through parallel chains, B-DPOS, and sharding. Soulswap can achieve millions of processing capacity per…

07/04/2021 • th000000724am21

Super Soldier Mine Owner (BOSS) Market Luxury Car Reward Program Launched Worldwide

The latest news from the Super Soldier operating team: The Super Soldier Market luxury car reward program is released globally, and 6 major regional markets across the country, 12 offline mine studios and overseas studios are simultaneously online. The reward program is divided into three levels: BMW 5 Series (300,000-500,000); Mercedes-Benz Maymach S-Class (1.4-1.6 million), Mercedes-Benz Grand G (2.2-2.6 million); the first and second phases of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars The reward plan has been successfully launched. Super Warrior’s original shared mining investment plan. Every investment profit comes from the positive…

06/22/2021 • GMT-0800000000-08:005324am21

Soulswap is ready to go HASH subscription is shockingly open-creating a new generation of liquid mining model

Soulswap, a brand-new decentralized trading platform on the chain, was initiated by the Soul Blockchain Lab in the United States and developed by the world’s top Silicon Valley technical team. It is a world-class decentralized financial data aggregation platform. Recently, Soulswap platform HASH super subscribed, shocked, the first dual currency mining model, soulswap will open a new era, a revolutionary innovation and subversion, Soulswap team sincerely invites users from all over the world to build a global consensus community. At the same time, HASH is subscribed by nearly 20 million…

05/12/2021 • 29-08:00247-08:005324am21

Apron Network– A decentralized infrastructure service platform for application developers

Apron Network is committed to building a decentralized infrastructure service network for DApp developers, DApp users and infrastructure operators based on a decentralized network of blockchain technology. We’ll provide Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem with multiple services, including but not limited to node service, on-chain data indexing service, price feed service, etc. by apronofficial1

05/05/2021 • 29-08:00247-08:005324am21

MGP is based on the DeFi blockchain game product application ecological public chain-Superstring quantum state(SQS) emerge as the time require

Green Planet is a non-profit organization that focuses on the management of environmental issues, sustainable development and sustainable living. We are happy to announce our new green home plan. We want to encourage green communities to move from big cities to rural houses on a large scale. Visit our “Green Home” page to learn more about our green energy projects. At Green Planet, our goal is to support sustainability in all aspects of life. The Green Planet is the ultimate destination for your tools and resources to create a more…

05/03/2021 • Jul2021724am21

The first lightweight high-performance parallel chain IPS (IPS-Thales) of DOT (Poca) ecology participated in the DOT (Poca) “slot” auction before the first two rounds of pre-voting stress test incentive policy was introduced, the core supporters community received 1:4999 times airdrop incentive, while the top ten community leaders received 10 million Volume Airdrop Incentive]

DOT’s first lightweight, high-performance parallel chain, IPS (IPS-Thales), is participating in the first two rounds of the DOT “Slot” auction, and the first round of the pre-voting stress test, the core community of supporters will receive 1:4999 times the IPST incentive. For accounts that voted at the project’s public address prior to the second round of the pre-voting stress test and are still in existence, the 30,000 votes of voters who participated in the first round of the pre-voting stress test but were not in their accounts prior to the…

04/26/2021 • Jul2021724am21

[IPS (IPS-Thales), the first lightweight, high-performance parallel chain in the DOT (polka) ecosystem, launches the second round of DOT (polka) pre-polling stress tests]

IPS (IPS-Thales), the first lightweight high-performance parallel chain in the DOT (Poca) ecosystem, has launched the second round of DOT (Poca) pre-voting stress test, and the most important feature of this second round of pre-voting stress test is that only 10 core supporter communities and community leaders are openly recruited, and no pre-voting will be accepted from any individuals or organizations. Each of the 10 core supporter communities and their leaders will receive 100 million IPSTs, i.e. 10 million IPSTs for each core supporter community and their leaders.The second feature…


[IPS (IPS-Thales), the first lightweight, high-performance parallel chain in the DOT (Polka) ecosystem, receives 100,000 DOT (Polka) votes from the core company of Bitmain, the world’s largest mining company]

At 9am GMT on April 26, 2021, IPS (IPS-Thales), the first lightweight high-performance parallel chain in the DOT (PoC) ecosystem, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Continental Ark, a core affiliated subsidiary of the world’s largest mining company Bitmain. Continental Ark voted unconditionally for 100,000 DOT (PoC) cards to support IPS (IPS-Thales) in the DOT (PoC) “slot” auction, while the two sides reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement on cooperating on Bitcoin mining machines and jointly launching a mining fund. Continental Ark’s bitcoin mining capacity accounts for more than 5%…