OEC (OKEXChain)’s first NFT asset aggregation platform Dematrix will be launched on the mainnet soon

The official opening of the third phase of OKEXChain has opened a new era of DeFi ecology, which is good news for everyone in the blockchain world.

OKExChain is the world’s first transaction chain-a blockchain technology infrastructure built for transactions. Through the development of “blockchain middleware” and operational support for transaction scenarios, it reduces the development costs of application developers and improves users’ Trading experience. As an open public chain ecology, anyone can campaign to become an OKExChain super node, or they can issue their own digital assets, create their own digital asset trading pairs, and conduct transactions.

At present, OKExChain is in the second stage of the mainnet stability test. After the stability test is completed, it will enter the third stage. Users can deposit their OKT on OKExChain. OKExChain will also introduce EVM virtual machine technology and OKEx cross-chain gateway, and will also be compatible with Cosmos’ IBC cross-chain solution. Through OKExChain, the value interoperability, user interoperability, and scenario application interoperability of the blockchain can be realized, and finally the co-construction of the ecosystem can be realized and the value-added system can be constructed. OKExChain has established ecological partnerships with more than 30 institutions and projects from public chains, browsers, wallets, mining pools, and security agencies, including BitKeep, Cosmostation, Hoo, Math, Onto, Renrenbit, SWFT, TokenPocket And many other digital wallets, as well as institutions such as Gravity, Achain, WAVES, and DoraHacks.


At present, OKEXChain’s various track projects are actively preparing, such as Dematrix-NFT and DeFi derivatives platform is under contract deployment on OEC, and will be launched on the OEC main network in the near future.

Prior to this, Dematrix has completed a million-dollar institutional round of financing. Participating institutions include TricerTop Foundation, Aquaria Foundation, BlockLofty Ventures, Coldlab

Capital, Bit9 Capital, etc.

Dematrix is a new generation of decentralized product matrix in the OKexChain ecosystem. It supports liquidity services for the aggregation of derivatives income and one-stop infrastructure construction for subsequent NFT assets. It will start creation mining after the OKexChain mainnet is launched.

The Dematrix NFT trading market will be a powerful market with cross-chain capabilities. In the future, it will open transactions across multiple ecological chains at the same time. Previously, Dematrix had sold the first batch of NFT works to users around the world. Three hours later, more than 85% of NFT works have been purchased and collected. Dematrix will launch a new product plan after the OEC mainnet is launched-equity-based NFT and its applications, and NFT-based meta-universe games!

“We hope to broaden people’s definition of NFT,” said Anton Romanov, founder of Dematrix. “Dematrix will place its future product center on the NFT ecosystem that can be redeemed online, and build it into the best NFT application scenario on the OK ecosystem. NFT Asset Aggregation Platform”.