Alyx Chain Supports Multiple Programming Languages in its SDK

Alyx Chain Supports Multiple Programming Languages in its SDK

News update: Alyx Chain plans to support multiple popular programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, Go, Rust, Move and more for its Software Developer Kits (SDKs).

Programming languages are the keystone of application development. Blockchains trying to attract a diverse group of developers to build in their ecosystem need to provide the necessary support and tools to cater to the different strengths of each developer. Some applications requiring the ability to define custom resource types are better built on Move, others can leverage on Go’s ability to spawn and manage thousands of Goroutines. There are developers skilled in each of these programming languages who can bring new perspectives and make meaningful contributions to the ecosystem. Hence, it is imperative for Alyx Chain to provide a conducive environment for these talented developers to build in, using the language they are familiar with.

Alyx Chain has spent months developing its SDKs to support all these programming languages and to create a Layer 1 blockchain capable of supporting and seamlessly integrating applications developed on different languages. With the testnet, developers were able to build and test dApps using C++, Java and Rust that interacted seamlessly with other dApps through the Layer 1 chain. With this proof-of-concept, Alyx Chain is confident in the mainnet’s ability to support an entire ecosystem of Web3 applications built on different languages.

If you are an aspiring developer looking to build on a Web3-ready Layer 1 blockchain, Alyx Chain welcomes you to join the fastest growing community of developers building the next generation of Web3 applications today.

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