Who is the king of decentralized lending? Hecolend is coming!

In recent years, the social and financial status of digital assets has been significantly improved. A large number of digital asset holders regard it as an asset with the same status as real estate and are willing to hold and store it for a long time.

At present, many digital asset players hope to hold digital assets for a long time, but due to their own capital turnover needs, the value of digital assets has not been widely recognized by traditional financial institutions, and they cannot obtain funds through other channels. There is only one channel for selling digital assets to realize. This situation has caused confusion for many players, and has also laid an introduction to the instability of digital assets. At the same time, many non-digital asset players do not want to make high-risk cryptocurrency or other high-risk digital asset investments, and lack stable channels for earning coins.


The Hecolend team conforms to market demands and adopts original models and mechanisms to create a new digital asset lending platform—Hecolend.

Hecolend is an open source currency market protocol that realizes asset financing based on the Huobi ecological chain technology and the relationship between capital supply and demand. Participants can conduct financial services in the agreement without censorship and permission, and have complete control and ownership of their assets, and can freely enter and exit from the decentralized network.

Hecolend gradually builds a lending platform that uses digital assets as collateral to participate in obtaining convenient, safe, and indexed loans while enjoying the dividends of digital asset appreciation.

Hecolend has fully considered and regulated the pledge, pledge rate, additional pledge and liquidation protection mechanism, and default mechanism in the design of the lending mechanism, and fully considered the borrowing needs of digital asset holders in the concept, and did everything It may improve the security, transparency and ease of use of the platform. Committed to building a set of blockchain-based distributed financing service solutions to achieve decentralized point-to-point financing needs. Hecolend’s loan contract is carried out on the platform’s smart contract. The platform is only a representative of the contract and does not participate in the contract. And transactions. Both the borrower and the lender complete the contract and the lending relationship on their own, which technically guarantees the security of the assets of the borrower and lender, and also ensures that the personal privacy of the borrower and lender is not easily leaked.


How to participate in Hecolend to get income?

  1. Become a depositor: Participants can put their idle funds in the agreement to obtain interest and mining rewards.
  2. Become a lender: Participants can mortgage assets and pay a certain interest, borrow assets to obtain short-term use rights, and obtain mining rewards.
  3. Become a liquidity provider: Participants can add Hecolend token transaction liquidity through DEX to obtain mining rewards.
  4. Become a liquidator: Participants can liquidate the assets of loan users whose health index is below the threshold to avoid losses in the liquidity pool. The liquidator will receive a 5% liquidation reward.


Highlights of the Hecolend loan agreement:

  1. Support flash loans: allow participants to borrow any available amount of assets without providing any collateral, as long as the liquidity is returned to the agreement in one transaction.
  2. Support LPToken: Participants can deposit or loan some mainstream asset trading pairs in DEX to obtain liquidity mining rewards.
  3. Handling fee repurchase: The Hecolend loan agreement will return all the fee income to the participants in full, and participants who hold a certain number of tokens can perform the fee repurchase operation. 85% of the protocol fee will automatically add Hecolend/Usdt liquidity, and 15% will automatically purchase Hecolend tokens and enter the black hole address for destruction.


On February 8, 2021, Hecolend was officially launched. Hecolend allows participants to make money regardless of whether they are borrowing or depositing money, better utilize the liquidity of digital assets, promote the healthy development of the industry-based financial ecological chain, and build the first brand of the industry’s lending platform. Today, let us stand on the Hecolend platform and win the DeFi era together!