NeorderDAO Liquidity Solution, FOMO Trading Prize Pool System

The beginning of human society was made up of individual human beings. At that time it could not be called a society, because at that time man was only a member of the animal world, not more advanced than other animals. The reason why man became a senior animal, can be at the top of the food chain, it is because man found the evolutionary journey of the “Pass key” — Social.

NeorderDAO Liquidity Solution, FOMO Trading Prize Pool System

Along with the rapid development of human technology, the social field has undergone several changes. Now, under the influence of blockchain, the digital trend is rushing towards various industries. Following the explosion of NFT, GameFi and other segments one after another, the concept of SocialFi has also started to emerge.

The ecology of the SocialFi segment is being gradually improved following the development of Web 3.0, but its rivals are traditional social giants such as Facebook and Twitter. There is still plenty of time for SocialFi to catch up with the Web 3.0 boom and improve its products. Of course, since it is a social platform, users are the first priority, especially the nature of the blockchain is open and inclusive.

NeorderDAO Liquidity Solution, FOMO Trading Prize Pool System

NeorderDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that assists everyone to use internet social profit and build a new social order under the trend of Web3.0. The governance token N3DR based on BSC chain will be launch on Pancake Swap, because of its unique social incentive mechanism and wide user audience base, it will become an indispensable project for all exchanges.

NeorderDAO has three core mechanisms, which are FOMOTrading prize pool system, Central Node communication reward system, and Social-Defi mining system. The three systems provide a constant drive through the initial allocation and trading slips.

NeorderDAO Liquidity Solution, FOMO Trading Prize Pool System

The FomoTrading prize pool system was first developed by NeorderDAO with the aim of solving the problem of the relationship between the price and value anchoring and the lack of liquidity in the early stage.

NeorderDAO takes 30% of each trade’s slippage, the unmet portion of referral earnings (commission), and the price protection mechanism’s trade slippage, and minted them into two bonus pools: the FO pool and the MO pool. Each pool has a relatively fixed bonus limit that is dynamically adjusted according to the project. There are two lottery conditions, meet any one of them can be lottery. And only open FO pool prize, MO pool continues to roll into the next drawing and automatically converted to FO pool.

Lottery condition 1: No one has bought in 60 minutes.

Lottery condition 2: When the MO pool reaches the prize limit.

Winning conditions:

1.The last ten DAO members whose transaction amount is more than or equal to 1000 USDT before the prize is opened, the address with the largest buy-in amount gets 50% of the prize pool, the next largest buy-in amount gets 10%, and the other eight trading addresses each get 5%.

2.When the buy-in amount is the same, it will be sorted by time and the last one will be taken.

The FomoTrading prize pool system successfully brings the FOMO3D model into the trading system through a delicate design. The two prize pools combine to make all participants always have a prize to share, the unique winning mechanism makes the tokens rise in price, and the strict anti-robot logic and prize rules enable everyone to win.


NeorderDAO designed the FOMOTrading prize pool system with the original intention of allowing every DAO member to enjoy the pleasure of trading, while increasing the possibility of profitability of the act of trading itself, and also further increasing the trading volume of the project, which is guaranteed for the benefit of all users who hold positions.

The market space for SocialFi is even more unimaginable than for GameFi. After all, we can leave the game, but we will never be separated from the social network. When the social scene of blockchain is opened layer by layer, what it will link will be globalized, undifferentiated and distributed social. More value elements will be stimulated and released in this vast exchange, and as to what it will be like, we can enlarge the existing e-commerce, social and game by the power of multiples, and the final result will be incalculable now.

NeorderDAO takes the vision of building a new order in the web 3.0 world, acquiring traffic through an excellent economic model, returning the peer-to-peer and node transmission that should be created by all Internet users The value of the achievement of broadcasting, so that users can enjoy the traffic dividends created by themselves.