MASK DAO, the next phenomenal decentralized organization after ConstitutionDAO

The Mask Word decentralized social networking protocol will allow users to own and control their social graph, while avoiding fragmentation among current social network providers and creating an open ecosystem for web participants. The Mask Word team came up with a protocol that uses smart contracts to write and read social network data on a public blockchain. The protocol which defines how identity, social graphs, and messaging elements are represented to create decentralized social networks. The applicable aspects of ownership, privacy, authenticity, portability, usability, and scalability are handled for each elements.

MASK DAO, the next phenomenal decentralized organization after ConstitutionDAO

Most people have begun to rely primarily on private platforms as trusted third parties to manage and facilitate communication with their broadest network of relationships. The network is often referred to as the “social graph,” and most of the current social graphs are owned and controlled by a handful of large tech companies, which are generally privately owned and controlled. While the current social graph ecosystem opens up a new way for people to interact with personal networks and public figures on an unprecedented scale, it has inherent weaknesses associated with trust, incentive models, and equitable participation in the attention economy. These large, business-owned social graphs enable people to scale their network of relationships to a very large scale.

However, each social graph is isolated, and users are locked in due to the high cost of recreating the social graph in another provider’s walled garden. This divisive environment also prevents the wider developer community from helping solve challenging problems or contribute new innovations to improve this pervasive technology.

All major social networks employ uniqueness algorithms to determine what content is presented to users. These are centralized, often closed algorithms, opaque and proprietary, and they provide users with limited input or insight into how they operate. Through passive data collection, these algorithms often trigger a passive, fight, or flight response from the user to increase engagement.

In Statistics Data Research,an average of 170 countries and regions around the world social network users. For example, Kakao from South Korea. The usage of Internet in South Korea is the highest in the world which average usage time is 7.2 hours. Far ahead of second-place China and third-placed Japan. Kakao also surpassed Samsung Group to become the largest company in South Korea in April 2022. Compared with traditional enterprises, Kakao has the attributes of a social graph. Social Graph is creating more advertising opportunities and generating more revenue for the largest companies that control the largest social graph. Malicious actors use these algorithms to manipulate at scale by deploying bots, human profiles, and splintering content.

As shown in the following figure:

MASK DAO, the next phenomenal decentralized organization after ConstitutionDAO

For example, through the social graph scheme, such as a user who uses Facebook for a long time to search for auto insurance business. Traditional advertising big data retains the user’s cookies even proxy information.

Once user reads the timeline more than a value, such as more than 10 minutes of page views. Facebook can determine the user’s target for the social graph ad. After that, the advertisement is pushed. This method may cause a certain degree of user resentment or personal privacy is violated. The scheme of the inter social graph is that Facebook screens existing advertisers and adds to the user reading performance algorithm, and then conducts a proofreading.

For example, a small advertisement on the right side of Facebook. Both the third ad position is implanted with ads. And the advertisement is displayed in the form of a five second GIF advertisement or a short video advertisement within five seconds. The ad format may be a bit interactive.

For example, when the user swipes with his hand which it is a bit interactive. Similar to the touch of “Fruit Ninja”. This data is enabled if the platform intervenes in the Facebook sharing system.

Then Kakao can recall the Facebook social graph advertising system to adapt. The 4S standard implemented by Facebook Social Graph is both large model, high efficiency, ease of use, and scenario-based. Kakao recall the platform advertising several times the advertising platform of Facebook. Users may receive a bombardment of high-volume disorderly ads. Users may not be able to interact with these platforms for long.

As shown in the following figure:

MASK DAO, the next phenomenal decentralized organization after ConstitutionDAO

So how to use Mask Word through the DAO organization precision advertising delivery system? First it can reduce the playback time of the advertisement. Second it can  increase advertisers’ revenue. Third it can make advertising viewers are more accurate. And it can make attract a fan or long-term users.


This is the problem for Kakao, a third-party regional social platform, hopes to solve. As expected solutions above. Social users want targeted ads, but not disorderly advertising. Advertisers want users to see only a small number of advertising, rather than giving unlimited ads. The Kakao platform wants to see more users enter the system through the Facebook Social Graph. Mask Word solves this problem through the DAO’s form of organizing community voting. Users propose a community autonomous social graph scheme in Mask Word. For example, arrange advertising in groups of users. For example, users in Facebook social graph are being screened for secondary upgrades. Search advertising content scheduling, if the user in the auto insurance search advertising content more than five minutes and fifteen minutes of judgment, the five to fifteen

minutes of the user’s secondary advertising push, the DAO organization members of the voting proposal for the social graph advertising for more than two proposals. Advertising are flat, direct, not interactive. The advertising content below one to five minutes is interactive advertising, the advertising position is under the second position, the advertising content is obvious, and the advertising position is not obvious. The advertising standard of less than one minute is under the first position, the advertising content is obvious, the advertising position is obvious, and the interactivity is stronger. After the proposal of Mask Word, the user will form the interaction between the advertising content and the advertiser in the DAO organization, and the third-party platform Kakao will not disturb the user to adjust the number and location of the advertisement, and reach the time to save the cost and energy of the advertisement. And through the cooperation of Facebook Social Graph and Mask Word’s DAO . Users will be centralized and precise on the advertising content, and the number of advertisements will be centralized to watch. Let users feel that it is not an advertisement, but the appropriate push of content.

For social graph advertising standards, The DAO can also give more advertising guidance. For example, on Kakao, a korean platform, users vote for Korean ads. Even if the user’s IP information, cookie information, third-party access information is in English. Kakao has a hard time determining the usefulness of the advertising atlas other organization.

Take the large U.S. auto insurance company as an example, and the keyword is auto insurance quote. Suppose the user Mr James searches for the keyword through the search bar on the right side of Facebook. Through the social platform, Mr James can find the content of several car insurance contents. If he stay time is 15 minutes, such as car insurance quotes, how to apply for car insurance, Nevada state car, Las Vega car insurance. This user is filtered by the platform as a premium advertiser. Mr James if adjusted to the new platform Kakao according to personal habits. Where permitted, Kakao can push advertising content to users. Rather than platform disorder delivery. The main way of this existing platform. And through the DAO organization to give third-party platforms better advertising options. Advertisers and users interact in a better and more harmonious way. Users can vote for better push content instead of ads. Mr James can see the following three items on Facebook. Auto Insurance Comparison Network, Nevada Auto Insurance Auto Insurance Service Network, American Credit or or Personal Loan. But Kakao is a South Korean social platform.  Facebook is not easy to intervene in Korea, or the localization is somewhat ambiguous. For example, what appears here may be Seoul Auto Insurance, Seoul Auto Insurance Quote, Seoul Credit or Personal Loan. Joining Mask Word through the localization decision of the DAO, advertisers can set up more freely. If the Facebook message is set to three seconds, there are Korean TV dramas that generally prefer a little more time in the narrative scheme, say five seconds. Because whether GIF or short videos can be added is also determined by Mask Word through the localization of the DAO. It will be more conducive to users subscribing to or viewing advertiser push content.


Mask Word voting through DAO will help some regional social media advertising more accurate and more personalized.