Q KI quark block chain bright third anniversary of the times fire all open!

From glory, after three years of development, quark block chain not only ushered in a major breakthrough in the digital economy, ecological construction and application landing technology, deep cultivation of the Internet + block chain applications, committed to the development of multiple ecological applications combined with quark public chain system, to create a more complete next generation block chain infrastructure.The quark block chain represents the new height of digital technology, and its innovative economic model also helps the quark block chain to break through the market. Both public chain technology and DEFI application, are from scratch to vigorous development, now have achieved high-quality leapfrog development.

Q KI quark block chain bright third anniversary of the times fire all open!

Quark block chain as a “block chain +” platform, the value of personal data, enabling industry, block chain technology and other elements together, in-depth exploration of block chain + industry applications + people’s livelihood innovation results, in the future will build a common, shared, win-win ecosystem platform, while committed to improve landing scene application services, ultimately achieve data value deep mining and feedback to individuals, encourage all co-builders to actively participate in ecological construction.


QKI quark block chain has many years of technology precipitation and R & D accumulation, and has unique advantages in comprehensive technical strength, node size, capital strength, talent team and so on. On the way to global community preaching, the quark block chain keeps walking around many cities around the world, building a strong community consensus and attracting the enthusiastic participation of many community users and partners in various fields around the world. It can be said that the quark block chain has been maintained since the birth of upward development and rapid development momentum.


As time spans 2021, the upsurge in the consensus of the quark block chain is still heating up visible to the naked eye. Today, the ecology that carries the consensus of quark block chain already has more mature environment and stronger technical strength.Because of the great development of quark block chain, quark block chain chooses a more flexible and extensible technical route and takes block chain as the core structure. This has created the key password behind the QKI ecological industry take-off.



Full breakthrough, quark block chain singing year


Quark block chain focuses on breaking through the bottleneck of public chain technology. Public chain upgrading is an important link to accelerate the development of multi-ecology of quark block chain. In addition to promoting the key technology progress of quark block chain, users can run decentralized applications without hindrance. At the same time, simply and efficiently realize the value interworking, user interworking and scene application interworking of quark block chain, and finally realize the co-construction of higher dimensional ecological system and build up the exclusive value-added system, so as to open the new entrance from the real world to the new world.

Q KI quark block chain bright third anniversary of the times fire all open!

Predictably, the rapid development of quark block chain iteration brings almost unlimited future imagination to the industry. We are exploring a lot in the field of DEIF today. To some extent, it is a part of the decentralized financial world that shapes quark’s future. We believe that with the continuous exploration and efforts of quarks, quarks will bring great development and progress to the financial system of the industry and even the world.


With the gradual expansion of quark block chain users and ecological applications, technology will never stop updating iteration.The quark block chain redefines the development direction of public chain technology and promotes the overall development and ecological construction of block chain industry from the most basic technical level. Higher level encryption algorithm blessing and wider consensus expansion, massive user traffic also makes the quark block chain in ecological construction and landing applications occupy a unique advantage. In the digital economy era created by quark, real landing projects, traffic, node mutual profit, to achieve ecological win-win.


In 2021, the curtain will open, the quark block chain will usher in a further leap, and the consensus of community users will further jump. Next, we will DEFI the dividend period of great development, and the giant ecology of quark block chain will blossom one after another. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, the quark block chain will adhere to the initial heart, to create a new benchmark of the global mainstream public chain as the goal, accelerate the overall landing of ecology. The next year will be the highlight of the quark block chain on the world stage!


Time flows, not the stars.Three years accompanied, all the way to build a dream struggle! On the third anniversary of this quark block chain, thank you, the next year, quark block chain firepower, and you meet, create the future!