Tech-Finger refines its logical architecture and attracts strategic investments from leading global blockchain investment institutions


In June 2022, we are proud to announce that Tech-Finger has successfully refined its logical structure as it continues to grow, and has successfully secured partnerships with a number of investment institutions, including ConsenSys Ventures and Affectiva. These strategic partnerships open up a whole new chapter of growth and will bring us tremendous opportunity and innovation.


Tech-Finger has always been committed to combining blockchain technology with the gaming industry to create a more secure, transparent and innovative gaming experience for players and developers. Over the past few years, we have continued to drive innovation in the technology and development of our platform, achieving significant results.


In refining our logical architecture, we have deeply optimized and upgraded the core features and systems of the Tech-Finger platform. Through careful design and implementation, we have improved the performance, security and user experience of the platform, providing users with a smoother and more convenient gaming environment.


This refinement of the logical architecture has not only strengthened the competitiveness of the Tech-Finger platform, but has also attracted the attention of globally renowned blockchain investment institutions. These investment institutions saw our unique advantages and potential in the blockchain game field and decided to start a strategic cooperation with us to create a new era of blockchain games.


First of all, we are very honored to enter into a strategic investment partnership with ConsenSys Ventures. As one of the leading investment institutions in the blockchain industry, ConsenSys Ventures has earned global acclaim for their extensive experience and expertise. They believe in the unique value and potential of Tech-Finger in the blockchain gaming space, and have provided us with financial backing and strategic guidance. This partnership will further drive our growth, accelerate our global expansion, and provide users with an even better gaming experience.


Second, our strategic investment partnership with Affectiva, a leading emotion AI company that is globally acclaimed for its superior technology and innovative ideas, is also an important milestone in our development. Their emotion recognition technology adds unique emotional intelligence to our gaming platform, bringing a more immersive and personalized experience to players. affectiva’s strategic investment will bring us the opportunity for deep collaboration and resource sharing to explore innovative applications of emotional AI in the gaming space.


The strategic investment with ConsenSys Ventures and Affectiva provides us with multiple benefits. First, their financial support will help us accelerate the pace of our technology development and platform expansion, further enhancing our R&D strength and market reach. Secondly, the professional teams of the investment institutions will work closely with us to explore the wider application of blockchain technology in the gaming field and create a richer and more diverse gaming experience for our users.


We believe that the strategic investment will bring broader development space and more cooperation opportunities for Tech-Finger. We will make full use of the resources and experience of the investment institution to continue to promote technological innovation and platform development, continuously improve user experience and meet market demand.


We are confident about the future, and we believe that with the support of globally renowned blockchain investment institutions, Tech-Finger will continue to lead and drive the development of blockchain games. We will persist in innovation and excellence and continue to surpass ourselves to bring more surprises and achievements to our users and the industry.


Finally, we would like to sincerely thank our team, partners and users for their support and trust. It is with your support that we can keep progressing and developing, and Tech-Finger will continue to work hard to bring more high-quality and innovative blockchain gaming experiences to players around the world.