WEB3.0’s first war why FSV is the main field

According to the data survey, it was found that in the current hot wind of the meta-universe, “whether it is a big factory or a startup team, more and more people are entering Web3.0 throughout 2022.” In the promotion of capital and various institutions, the star project FSV in 2022 also began to build FSVSWAP based on FSV smart chain, is expected to complete all main network testing and successful launch in Q4 2022, this FSV build FSVSWAP engine page based on FSV smart chain also marks the era of the rise of Web3.0 is here.

The market has already seen more mature projects, MetaMask (decentralized Alipay), STEPN (decentralized KEEP), Audius (decentralized music), FSV (decentralized distributed streaming file storage superior to IPFS) OpenSea, etc.

WEB3.0's first war why FSV is the main field

The action at each end seems to reveal the signal that Web3.0 will arrive, but the current market environment is in a seemingly calm state, but in fact has opened the first round of Web3.0

WEB3.0's first war why FSV is the main field

WEB3.0 data privacy issues?


WEB3.0 can not be separated from a strong data substrate to do support, then in the many research found that all kinds of organizations from the beginning of the fancy IPFS gradually shifted to the goal of FSV, child at the same time FSV in the underlying design of data-based and decentralized distributed protocol also set off the future of WEB3.0!


About FSV.


FSV is called File system video, and with the advent of 5G era, the world has entered the era of video interaction, which is an era of rapid information development. That would be a terrible disaster, before the emergence of IPFS, which is the pain point of the whole era and all data storage at present, IPFS emerged after a very large part of the solution to the problem of the concept of distributed data storage, so that the world saw the feasibility of the program!


FS.VIDEO is a decentralized blockchain-based video file system, based on GOSSIP protocol for data transmission. FS.VIDEO aims to provide a decentralized blockchain video publishing environment for video generators, using NFT technology to cast streaming copyrights, and governance through DPOS mechanism to create a new ecology of on-chain economy in the field of streaming media industry.

FS.VIDEO adopts decentralized video transmission technology, a new generation of native blockchain created. Multi-layer BFT as consensus mechanism, Aggregated Signature Gossip Protocol (Aggregated Signature GossipScheme) resource-oriented micro-payment pool and other innovative technologies. Utilizes IPFS equivalent distributed storage technology with three main features: semantic web, strong distribution, and micro storage. Splitting a single video file into several 256KB slices, multi-snippet multi-node storage, and sorting by distance from the nearest node to get the desired slice.


The future of FSV!


FSVSWAP, the decentralized exchange FSVSWAP carries, will issue FSVSWAP governance token DEX, based on DAO governance, after FSV has been successfully upgraded to a smart chain.


Total number of DEX issued: 30,000 pieces, holding DEX will enjoy the lifetime dividend and voting governance rights of FSVSWAP transaction fees.

80% of them will be used for airdrop, and the rules of its airdrop are as follows.


When the block height reaches 3309786 (1 block every 6 seconds, roughly June 30-July 1), FSV main chain will start to record the wallet addresses of the newly destroyed FSV and calculate the weight of the wallet addresses in the total destruction volume in real time, until the moment DEX starts airdropping, 30,000*80% = 24,000 DEX will be airdropped according to the weight of the wallet addresses. 24000 DEX will be airdropped to the corresponding wallet address.


WEB3.0's first war why FSV is the main field


FSVSWAP will adopt innovative trading and aggregate super traffic on the basis of its ultra-high TPS, high-performance throughput and extremely low GAS technology. FSV Smart Chain has a deep basic substrate in its distributed storage data, and as an innovative type of district-centric exchange, both the processing and transaction speed of the data method and the latest underlying design adopted will perfectly solve the current In the future, fsvswap will occupy a unique advantage in the entire web 3.0 portal, which is unsurpassed by large decentralized exchanges such as pancakeswap and Uniswap, while FSV focuses on the research and development of the underlying layer in the entire future layout, and polishes the completeness of the entire agreement from the user’s point of view. The introduction of FSVswap will become a decentralized exchange leader, and early users who have fsvswap governance tokens DEX will also become members of the board of directors of the way FSVSWAP, in addition to enjoying the right to permanent dividends, but also to participate in voting governance decisions, so that FSVSWAP really complete the DAO governance ecology!