1 million Chaingers, let the world hear your voice!


The total locked-in value of decentralised finance is now a staggering 310 billion and the market keeps on growing as more and more investors are starting to shift towards DeFi; which is great news because the blockchain industry can’t possibly grow without the support of its world wide users, and at the same time, traffic is the main thing that will keep projects going in the long run.

As the DeFi industry continues to evolve, Chainge, a coded financial platform customised for both institutional and individual investors, is in full swing with technologies such as DCRM (Distributed Control Rights Management), TF (Time Frame), QS (Quantum Swap), USAN (Universal Short Account Number), Global Short Account Number, SCT (Smart Contract Template) USAN (universal short account number), a universal wallet, and other technologies, allowing users and companies to easily and efficiently create financial derivatives, or develop suitable products according to market needs and target groups

To this date, Chainge has seen a bewildering growth, with the number of registrants having exceeded 94k. The number of community members and the attention of social media are also continuing to soar. Taking Twitter as an example, we currently have over 21.4K followers and these numbers continue to grow. Twitter is the preferred launchpad for many well-known blockchain projects, as it has a generous number of investors worldwide, so it can easily communicate with the right global target.



Another medium that speaks volumes about the status of Chainge is Telegram, which is also frequently used as a communication channel by blockchain investors, since Telegram is fully encrypted and used worldwide, thus becoming the best place for blockchain project parties to unify management and communicate with project users. At this moment, there are more than 20,300 Telegram users in our Chainge group, and the number of daily online users is around 5,000 which implies our community is very active.

We will continue to be right by the side of our community on this journey to grow and achieve our vision: complete freedom in self-banking and financing.And this is where our journey truly begins. With our first 1 million users.

So, if you’re going to be the lucky 1.000.000th user please accept Chainge’s enthusiastic invitation to visit Chainge HQ in Shanghai (no matter where you are in the world).

You will choose the date whenever you like within the next two years (before the end of 2023).

We will pick you up at your door and cover all the expenses including the round-trip plane ticket and 3 nights’ accommodation at a top-notch Shanghai hotel.

The whole team is looking forward to meeting you!


Since you are at the core of our evolving project, we also thought this to be a great opportunity for us to answer together with you, one of your hottest questions and reward your answers.

So, it’s time for your voice to be heard and the top 10 users with the highest number of retweets will receive Chainge Start Kits as souvenirs.

So, what exchange would you like CHNG to be listed on?

All you guys have to do is use the #CHNGgo hashtag + tag “@…” the CEX you want CHNG to be listed on in your amplifier tweet and the top 10 users who have the highest number of retweets will win a Chainger Star Kit.

In a nutshell:

Step 1 — amplify our “Chaingers let us hear your voice!” tweet
Step 2 — add the hashtag #CHNGgo and the @(name of preferred CEX) in your tweet and you’ll automatically enter the competition.

The Chainger Star Kit prizes will be composed of:

  1. Stylish Chainge T-shirt
  2. Chainge coffee mug
  3. Chainge notebook & pen

The contest will end on the 31st of March at 12 a.m & the 10 winners will be announced on the 1st of April & will be contacted by us via email so we can send them their goodies.

From a user-growth perspective, Chainge has been beyond successful and as it’s already well known, an exceptional project heavily relies on users, no matter how great the technology and concept, without its users the whole thing holds no value. Thanks to the token economy and supply, Chainge can grow and develop very quickly: our IIPO (Initial Influential Power Offerinig), allows users to acquire a variable number of tokens through their own efforts, rather than a direct airdrop or simple fundraising.

One of the main reasons for which Chainge is using IIPO to issue tokens is to actually build value. Only with a large user base and a user-friendly product can Chainge’s eco-tokens have a strong value support. So, how can you benefit from Chainge’s IIPO program? It’s really very simple: you just have to do some simple tasks and you’ll get CHNG tokens in return.



How to become part of Chainge’s ecosystem

CHNG, as Chainge’s ecological token, can be obtained using influential power, and is now available to get through the following ways:

  1. Join the waiting list.

Register on https://www.chainge.finance/?referral=fea1f2dd06e14f95a9a5e481d8073696 and apply to join the waiting list. Chainge will assign you a place in the waiting list so that when the application is launched, the ones on the waiting list will be the first to enjoy the full benefits of Chainge.

  1. Add your social media accounts

Adding some social media accounts such as WeChat, phone number, email, Facebook, Twitter, telegram and other common community software and communication tools, will reward you with up to 195 CHNG.

  1. Referral Invitations

Our referral system is extremely flexible, easy to use and guarantees you 10 tokens for any direct friend referred, 3 extra tokens for each friend of your friend’s who joins the ecosystem and 1 extra token for each friend of a friend of your friend’s who joins the ecosystem. Basically, the more you refer, the more you earn.

  1. Retweet our official Twitter posts

Twitter is a great platform for users to get the latest official information. Therefore, users can get CHNG by spreading Chainge news through Twitter. For example, one of our posts on the official Twitter chaingefinance account had nearly 10,000 retweets and likes.

  1. CHNG Rewards for Deposit-to-Earn

The token deposit function is available for BTC and USDT and users can earn CHNG rewards while depositing them in Chainge and getting great interest rates at the same time.


Deposit-to-Earn Additional Income

For your deposits you’ll be getting two types of income: the first one is the fixed income (for example, if you deposit 1 BTC into Chainge, the fixed annualised income is 8.32%), in addition to this, the depositor will be rewarded with a certain amount of CHNG.



When depositors generate revenue, CHNG will be awarded proportionally to the profit generated. For every 0.000002 BTC earned, users will get 1 CHNG. For every 0.1 USDT earned, they’ll be rewarded 1 CHNG. An extra $50 bonus for the first 1000 depositors is the cherry on top. The annual complex return will fluctuate depending on the price of CHNG. For example if the CHNG price is 1U, the annual return of a USDT deposit would be 177.98%.



Although the basic APY for Chainge’s token deposit is not mind blowing, with the potential income from CHNG, coupled with security and stability, Chainge is considered to be second to none in the industry in terms of low risk.


Another noteworthy aspect is that CHNG is issued following IIPO rules, without any pre-sale or token sale. The team does not hold any token allocation. In the future, Chainge will buy back CHNG with 25% of the profit to ensure the value of the whole ecosystem loop and maintain market interest and enthusiasm.




To conclude, Chainge issues tokens in the fairest of ways, giving out each CHNG through our community’s actions.

As Chainge will continue to grow and evolve, it will be able to bring complex financial services to both corporate institutions and individuals, setting a very high standard in financial services while maintaining extremely low fees. An important aspect to remember is that through IIPO, CHNG is maximally decentralised, allowing Chainge’s message & potential to be spread globally.

Chainge is going to represent the ideal automated financial product simply because we strongly believe in things done right.

The future is here. Let’s make the most of it!


About Chainge


Chainge is the digital finance app that’s going to introduce the world to complete financial freedom. We provide bank level security, customised financial services, flawless automation, while offering a top-notch user experience for everyone.