Liquidity Mining – Your Way to Grow Crypto Assets in The HyperNation

How to be extra rich with your existing fund in the Metaverse? Can your blockchain assets grow passive rewards for you to reap? The HyperNation has its answer for you to leverage your crypto assets and unlock its boundless potential efficiently. Your cryptocurrency holdings mean a lot more from now on.

Generally, there are two main methods to roll your funds in the crypto world: liquidity mining and yield farming. Among the two, the former is the predecessor of the latter. And many of our devoted fans of The HyperNation have been asking for a way to dig into the mine of the valuable HyperNation Token (HNT). Now, the wait is over. Liquidity mining is finally coming to The HyperNation!

Laying the Foundation for a Sustainable DeFi Platform

Aimed at building DeFi infrastructure, the arrival of liquidity mining opens up a new opportunity and vast possibilities for discerning crypto aficionados like you to maximize rewarding yields. For a thriving cryptocurrency like HNT, you should not miss out on this opportunity.

As a start, the high liquidity levels indicate a vibrant and stable market where participants can trade quickly at a fair price. Moreover, these transactions would be the catalyst that adds up the trade volume. Thus, liquidity providers can generally enjoy a rewarding yield projected from these trade activities.

Your Way Forward in The HyperNation

In the race to release value-adding perks, the mutual benefits of all fellow citizens are at the tip of our minds. The HyperNation is in the midst of building up a resilient DeFi platform for fellow citizens, a.k.a. the loyal believers of The HyperNation, who completes the Citizen Consensus that earmarks fundamental values for HNT. So, for those who have longed for rewards and mining, this is the time you’ve been waiting for.

Soon, this new update will further entice your excitement as we unveil the Hyper Yield Aggregator, which embeds liquidity mining, slated to begin from approximately 01:00 EST | 14:00 SGT onwards on 22 November 2022.

As this liquidity mining plays an integral part that constitutes the financial ecology of The HyperNation, the current pairing accepted by Hyper Yield Aggregator is flexible, including HWT+USDT, HNT+USDT, and HWT+HNT. And you, as a citizen of this virtual nation, have the privilege to be one of the liquidity providers who enjoy a new stream of rewards.

Embark on Your Rewarding Journey

Citizens participating in liquidity mining will be allowed to claim rewards, which could amount to a sum of constant passive yield as a token of appreciation for all liquidity providers. In addition, by staking the LP tokens with Hyper Yield Aggregator, citizens can build up a new stream of revenue from their crypto holdings.

Provided the value of HNT equivalent to USDT/USDC/BUSD under the citizen consensus, this liquidity mining conceives an excellent opportunity for you to secure your asset and grow extra value from it. The APR is expected to be lucrative and could easily leap up to 300%!

In the near future, simply by holding the crypto assets and providing liquidity, all citizens will be able to enjoy the benefits from the financial ecology built by The HyperNation. So, be an early bird, and start reaping your rewards now!