BoomSpace Will Be Launched on BSC, A New Play-To-Earn NFT Game for Everyone

During 2021, too many new concepts have been seen in blockchain. Crypto trends started by NFT has not only made the concept of Web3 popular, GameFi was also on the right track and exploded in the second half of 2021. As a public chain, BSC focuses on the fields of GameFi, Metaverse and NFT. BSC has launched a number of GameFi and Metaverse projects, and achieved excellent results. In the end, with low gas fee, it once became the most popular public chain for GameFi.

Recently, BoomSapce, a Play-To-Earn NFT Trading Card Game, will be launched on BSC and start public beta. All players can participate in the game at that time.

BoomSpace Will Be Launched on BSC, A New Play-To-Earn NFT Game for Everyone

Game Introduction

According to the official, BoomSpace is an NFT blockchain card GameFi based on BSC with a PVP battle system. With a well-designed GEOM as the core, players can participate in various battles, upgrades, collections and transactions in this game. BoomSapce is a planet, which includes blind box, arena, adventure mode, land trading and other gameplay. Players can not only experience the thrill of PVP battle mode, but also get token rewards from the game, experiencing the fun of Play-to-earn.

BoomSpace is a new Metaverse world created after the Big Bang. Since the Big Bang, the cosmic system is continuously expanding, causing the density of matter to evolve from dense to thin, and the temperature is soon cooling. Debris from the big bang evolved into the only life in this universe – GEOM, which is the only NFT hero in the game that can be used to fight. GEOM consists of body, mouth, tentacles, ears and eyes. The higher the quality, the higher the level, and the higher level is equipped with more powerful combat attributes.

Players can level up GEOM by spending SPACE, and the SPACE spent on upgrading will be returned to players regularly as arena and adventure rewards. The higher the GEOM level, the higher the level of the arena can be entered, so as to obtain higher rewards.

The following are some screenshots of the game

BoomSpace Will Be Launched on BSC, A New Play-To-Earn NFT Game for Everyone

BoomSpace Will Be Launched on BSC, A New Play-To-Earn NFT Game for Everyone

Game Mode

At present, BoomSpace has completed the deployment on BSC network and will be officially launched soon. At that time, players can summon characters, do daily tasks, and upgrade battles in the game. The game not only has beautiful pictures, perfect mechanism, but also has wonderful gameplay. Unlike other games, there is only one NFT hero in BoomSpace, which consists of five parts, among which:

Body: Determines the Quality, Strength, and Blood of GEOM. The quality is categorized into four classes: SSR, SR, R, and N. More advanced classes are equipped with more powerful combat attributes.

Mouth: Determines the Skills GEOM carries.

Ears: Determines the Defense value and Attack value of GEOM.

Wings: Determines the Counterattack rate and Block rate of GEOM.

Eyes: Determines the Crit rate and Dodge rate of GEOM

Although there is only one type of NFT, there are 26 different skills. Such as, Crushing Blow(deals high damage to the target), Trample(deals damage to the target and stuns it for one turn), etc. It requires players to combine different strategies to fight, which greatly improves the playability of the game, and at the same time, players can obtain token rewards.


BoomSpace adopts a single currency model, the only in-game token is SPACE. The total amount of SPACE is 1,000,000,000. SPACE can be used for game governance, battle rewards, upgrade GEOM, etc. in this game, and participate in the circulation of all aspects of BoomSpace.

Whether in terms of revenue model or business model, we are excited to build a new business model in this player driven economic environment. SPACE will provide instant liquidity for players and investors.

The specific token distribution is as follows:

BoomSpace Will Be Launched on BSC, A New Play-To-Earn NFT Game for Everyone


BoomSpace is a 5v5 turn-based combat game, which is designed to use strategic cogitation to help players improve their competitive advantage, evolve strategically in the game, and connect with like-minded players around the world. When players enter the game, they need to spend a certain amount of Tokens to purchase their own GEOM, and then they can play the game only after they have their own NFT.

Taking players’ preferences into consideration, There are two sets of gameplay in BoomSpace. One is Arena and the other is Adventure Mode. The game becomes the choice of players by offering lightly competitive and fast-paced gameplay, where players will be available to earn tokens as well as NFT rewards in game battles.

Important time points for BoomSpace

NFT pre-sale time: 12:00, January 25, 2022 (UTC)

SPACE Token Listing time: 12:00, January 29, 2022 (UTC)

Game Official launch time: 12:00, January 30, 2022 (UTC)

BoomSpace Will Be Launched on BSC, A New Play-To-Earn NFT Game for Everyone

In general, BoomSpace is a metaverse world with better production, more reasonable systems, and a fully circular economy. The game setting itself is a higher level than most single-player projects in GameFi 1.0.

After the appearance of Axie in the early stage of the GameFi, and the appearance of BinaryX in the mid-term, there is a high probability that BoomSpace will take its place in the next stage of the GameFi market. Whether it is from the evolution of chain games or the formation of the metaverse, BoomSpace is worthy of our expectations.