Behold, the journey of SmallDogCoin dominance is beginning.

The most hype discussion recently in Crypto(maybe even beyond crypto ) is not Btc reaching $60k or $2500 Eth, but Dogecoin which was abandoned by the founder, but went crazy on Reddit with over 1 million active users.

Dogecoin as the synonymous to“pathway to financial freedom”went up hundreds times within months and hit record daily rise of 150% shocked everyone that read news. This was the use-to-be crypto market and draws many Bitcoin holder to switch position to Dogecoin.

Behold, the journey of SmallDogCoin dominance is beginning.


It is hard to imagin crypto without hard cap could mess up with the concept ot scarcity.(Bitcoin is capped at 21million and does not re-issue, however, Doge, with an initial release of 100Billion, inflates 5% every year.)

After the wave of Dogecoin, Shibainu(SHIB) was created and start spreading.

According to SHIB’ s offical information, it is a decentralized community experiment. SHIB’s nick name is Dogecoin Killer. As a community owned coin, its vast amount of supply allows user to obtain millions with relatively low cost.

Behold, the journey of SmallDogCoin dominance is beginning.


But how did SHIB gain the lift of invisiable hand and fly thru the roof? Maybe we could explain it with its concept.

Ever since blockchain and crypto currencies’ birthday, projects are more or less under the shadow of its founder and team. Hence any project that is under the influence is not 100% decentralized. But in the d&d of SHIBAINU, the founding team gave up their relationship and any possible gain, even themselves has to by SHIB from freemarket.


Both Dogecoin and SHIB is decentralized for sure. Although many so called community based project are scams under cover. However Dogecoin and SHIB is making the different.


You may think the rise is an act of market making or Elon Musk’s tweet power. But when you see the price actually happenning in markets. When you are reading this, you have already missed the best chance for Doge and Shib. Who could be the one?


Behold, the journey of SmallDogCoin dominance is beginning.


Now there is a new coin with the same concept, Small Dog Coin. SDOG has no hidden holding or owner. All token issued to community thru initial liqudity, mining and airdrop. Users that owns Dogecoin will also get free 1:1000 airdrop.


According to SmallDogeCoin’s website, it is a decentralized revolutionary experiment that tries to connect centralization and decentralization so that they are no longer seperated. Small Doge Coin with to achieve the harmoney between CEX and DEX. The core idea of Small Doge Coin and all decision is decided by its community. SDOG is like the wormhole to connect two floating planet in the space.


In short, Small Doge Coin is another experiment based on Dogecoin  and SHIB that give control back to community. Paying tribute to blockchain spirit and echoing the great revolotion.


When old rules are overthrown, which side would you choose? Do you choose to embrace the spirit of blockchain, or vote for the curing old ruler?

I believe Dogecoin will reach new height and reshape crypto world, such as what it has achieved during Bitcoin’s price drop.

Therefore, should we pay more attention to Small Doge Coin?