NFT’s with True Ownership and Asset Backed Utility

Viviverse X ME Holdings join in an exclusive partnership to develop the worlds first real estate NFT collection in the metaverse. Each NFT gives the owner true ownership of an actual property that is developed by ME Holdings and rewards them with asset backed yields in terms of rental and capital gains generated. In addition owners simultaneously earn staking and utility rewards in Viviverse.

NFT’s with True Ownership and Asset Backed Utility

The first batch will be minted on Aug 31st and made available throughout the Summer of 22. List pricing and whitelisting procedures will be made known on Aug 27th via the respective social feeds.

Viviverse is the first Playnation in the metaverse that is bringing entertainment to the next level, redefining X to earn by blurring the lines between the metaverse and reality. Users or citizens who hold exclusive NFT based passports can enjoy, grow and thrive in Viviverse’s unique X to earn spaces in gaming, esports, entertainment and real estate.

Headed by Simon Marshall (Forbes winner), ME Holdings is a London based real estate developer specialising in luxury family homes and stylish apartments. The business employs over 100 people across all aspects of the development process from land acquisition, construction, sales and marketing and is aiming to be one of the UK’s top 20 housebuilders. It has won several awards for its smart, environmentally friendly homes generating revenues for the company of over USD 250m in the past 3 years.

With this partnership, ME is trailblazing true ownership and utility, bringing old school development to the Metaverse


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ME Holdings Limited, Head Office, Unit C4 Endeavour Place, Coxbridge Business Park, Alton Road, Farnham, Surrey GU10 5EH

+44(0)1252 240005