ONP national roadshow is fully started initiation


On March 25, 2021, ONP Xi ‘an Road Show was successfully set up. The event was attended by outstanding community leaders from across the country. Veteran blockchain industry consultants and dedicated evangelists were invited to share the wealth of the current era and the important role of ONP in the blockchain prophecy field.


On March 27th, the ONP Shanghai Roadshow was opened up smoothly, which was organized by the ONP Shanghai Community. The meeting was centered on the core values of ONP. Participants and analyzed the current status of the Predictor. At the same time, it also explored the vitality that ONP could bring to the current forecasting machine market, and has a full understanding of the ONP development prospect. After having continuous discussion, it also affirmed the future value of ONP.

As a dark horse in the prophecy market, ONP can realize the operability of smart contracts between different chains. All blockchain players are pretty looking forward to seeing it.


ONP Jiangxi Ganzhou roadshow on March 27 was also growing vigorously, ONP Ganzhou community made careful preparations for the meeting, the industrial higher-ups under golden tutor community in ONP league were invited to this meeting, which has brought different thinking collisions for Ganzhou community as well as a comprehensive analysis for block chain industry, meanwhile it has deeply introduced the core technology of ONP, which was unanimously recognized by the public.


During the conference, all blockchain players actively interacted with each other. From their own perspective, they explained their understanding of the current blockchain and their confidence in the future prospects of ONP. The core value of ONP was once again affirmed and recognized.


On March 30, during the road show in Nanning Guangxi, ONP preachers from all over the country discussed the current development trend of blockchain, how to realize the landing of blockchain, the current investment trend of blockchain, the important role of prophecy machine in the landing of blockchain, and the core problems that ONP can solve in the field of prophecy field. Under constant thinking collision, we have strengthened the confidence of all blockchain evangelists in ONP, and also had a new acknowledgment about ONP and a brand new cognition of blockchain.



As the cornerstone of blockchain communication with the outside world, the prophecy plays a pivotal role in the blockchain field. The ONP Aggregated Prophecy Network achieves the interoperability of smart contracts between diverse chains through heterogeneous sharding technology, which can provide efficient, accurate and trusted data transmission for multiple blockchain ecosystems. It solves the pain point that the current block chain cannot realize cross-chain data and information interaction. At the same time, in the existing market, the data source of the forecaster is relatively single, so that ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the data through multiple data sources.



The nationwide roadshow highlights the popularity of the ONP market, as well as the high level of recognition from the community and investors.

Let’s build, share and win together in ONP, also look forward to ONP becoming the strongest support for blockchain landing!