CoinZoom’s One-Stop-Crypto Shop Integrates Digital Services Under One Roof

The next wave of mainstream users is coming, and the simplicity, integration, and convenience of one-stop-crypto-shops like CoinZoom are likely to be the most appealing platforms for new entrants, with everything they need under the same roof.

The cryptocurrency exchange marketplace has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, fueled by speculative interest and increased adoption in the space. With hundreds of platforms, services and tokens on offer, it is understandably complex to navigate this fragmented playing field.

New adopters who stay the course want more than an isolated exchange platform. Something more convenient than trying to access tokens and manage or utilize their assets across multiple venues.

Exchange-based platforms that want to succeed in the next cycle will need to offer more than the latest trading tools and main token pairs. They will need to engage users with a range of inter-connected crypto services, offering the full capabilities of the ecosystem and the convenience of accessing that world through one user-friendly interface.

Crypto Platform for the Next Wave

The next wave of mainstream users is coming, and the simplicity, integration, and convenience of one-stop-crypto-shops like CoinZoom are likely to be the most appealing platforms for new entrants, with everything they need under the same roof.

CoinZoom recognizes the need to offer a full digital asset ecosystem to drive adoption, with ease of use at its core. CoinZoom delivers on this with a fully compliant framework comprising an institutional-grade desktop trading platform, mobile applications, world-class security infrastructure, zero-fee international crypto and fiat remittances, a crypto Visa card, native token utility, and staking solutions.


CoinZoom’s regulated exchange platform combines a range of trading tools with its matching engine for both professional traders and casual investors. It offers over 100 built-in technical indicators, an advanced charting package, algorithmic trading for customized and automated strategies, live order flow analysis, a deep liquidity network, and real-time depth of market data. It also provides a unique pattern recognition system, powered by the CoinZoom AI, to alert traders to technical setups and assist in trading decisions.

The platform allows trading in over 40 top cryptocurrencies and defi tokens, including BTC, ETH, YFI, and UNI, with 110 market trading pairs and some of the lowest fees on the market.


The CoinZoom iOS and Android apps offer direct access to the trading platform, with trades automatically updated across all devices. The app provides an easy way to fund accounts with multi-currency support via debit card, ACH, and wire transfers, or via crypto to the CoinZoom wallet. Industry leader BitGo serves as its institutionally qualified custodian and digital wallet security provider for crypto, with fiat held at FDIC insured banks or segregated custodial bank accounts, depending on the jurisdiction.

Additionally, users can monitor and manage their CoinZoom Visa card spending and access the free ZoomMe international remittance feature, doing away with the need for multiple service apps.

Crypto Visa Card

CoinZoom’s One-Stop-Crypto Shop Integrates Digital Services Under One Roof

The CoinZoom Visa Card allows users to benefit from holding funds in Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies, with the flexibility to convert them to cash via ATMs or spend them in the same way they can spend their fiat money from a bank account.

The crypto card removes the hassle and slow process of converting crypto to fiat and withdrawing to your bank account, while mitigating the difficulties of merchant acceptance, with additional Apple Pay and Samsung Pay connectivity, at over 53 million locations worldwide.

Five tiers of card options also provide users with varying trading fee discounts, as well as up to 8% APR interest payments, up to 5% cashback on purchases, and automatic change round-ups converted into crypto.


ZoomMe is the integrated international remittance service for the CoinZoom ecosystem, providing free peer-to-peer crypto and fiat international remittances. It offers instant Venmo-style payments to its global customer base of up to $10,000 per day.

This service breaks down some of the historical barriers in terms of time delays and excessive fees in the traditional finance world, opening up the pool of potential customers, including the previously unbanked.

ZOOM Token

ZOOM is the platform’s utility token using the ERC20 standard, with a limited total supply of 600 million.

Traders can save up to 50% on fees by utilizing the ZOOM token, which also powers the full CoinZoom ecosystem, opening up discounts on remittances, and bonuses on staking, airdrops, referrals, and cashback to incentivize and reward users.

DASH and ALGO Staking Solutions

CoinZoom staking delivers a further service, allowing users to earn 7-13% per year from digital asset funds held in their CoinZoom wallet.

With support currently available for Dash and Algorand, CoinZoom intends to expand the staking service into other assets over time, widening the market opportunities for its customer base.

Driving Adoption

With the cryptocurrency exchange space hugely crowded, CoinZoom has utilized decades of experience in financial technology to provide a licensed and registered access point to trading, staking, and spending crypto. It bridges the gap between legacy finance and this emerging market, making digital assets available to retail and institutional participants around the globe.

This one-stop-crypto-shop provides an ideal gateway to the crypto world for both newcomers and experienced adopters alike.