Turing Labs launches security management system for digital virtual assets

Several years ago, Turing Labs announced a long-term research project – virtual asset management system, according to the project leader, virtual assets have become the inevitable demand of human development today and even in the future, most of the existing asset management models are oriented towards fixed assets, while the practical research results and theoretical support basis of virtual asset management have obvious flaws, in order to more effectively deal with In order to more effectively address the risks in virtual asset investment and virtual currency storage, Turing labs will combine the security risks of various types of digital virtual assets in the financial technology sector, and develop and design a digital virtual asset security management system based on both hardware and software, with the help of blockchain technology.

Now that Turing Labs has finally unveiled its blockchain-based security management system for digital virtual assets to the public, several Turing Labs management system designers have shared details of the key solutions. According to the presentation, the hardware framework structure for the testing phase of the management system explicitly includes a client-side, server-side and multiple management node structure. During the operation of the management system, the server enables the storage and management of all types of digital virtual resources for users, in addition to the storage and authentication of user IDs and passwords. It is worth mentioning that the lab has also approached the Filecoin team about grafting on a distributed storage solution in terms of scalability.

In order to ensure the security of digital virtual assets in the process of transmission and communication, blockchain technology has been introduced for the research of digital virtual asset security authentication, i.e. introducing Turing Labs’ years of digital cryptography achievements, such as asymmetric encryption to achieve dynamic encryption of assets, public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt information. This is the main logic of the Turing Labs Digital Virtual Asset Security Management System.

Henry Flaubert mentioned in his introduction of the digital virtual asset security management system that when the project was initiated, we introduced blockchain technology and carried out research on the design of the management system in order to improve the security of digital virtual asset management and prevent the problem of massive asset leakage. The lab started with software aspects such as blockchain-based digital virtual asset management security authentication, secure import and storage of digital virtual assets, and realised the model design of the whole management system. The application of the new management system was proved to be effective in reducing the chance of asset leakage, safeguarding digital virtual assets and protecting the security interests of users by comparing the experimental results within a certain period.

In the future, Turing Labs will be conducting further research into the performance of blockchain applications to improve the performance of the asset management system and facilitate its use and development in a wider range of industries around the world.