Libra main network global launch, open the layout of the whole network registration

According to the Libra team: Libra will be October 14 – October 28 a total of 15 days, Libra main network global online, each node community began to layout, during this period, the global system open registration; 28 after the day after the global opening of arithmetic mining, it is reported that the current South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Dubai and other multi-city nodes began to start. At the same time, Libra for the global super node recruitment has also been towards the deadline, welcome the global Libra consensus users to join, the global consensus to start, for the creation of the world’s DeFi first digital assets to come, for the real economic freedom. libra for the establishment of a trustworthy and innovative DEFI financial network, for the global industry empowerment, look forward to Libra to bring us a different We look forward to the different surprises Libra will bring us.